1. Pat and Josh just fucking around acoustic freestyle at Canada

  2. Pat and Josh Freestyle (Acoustic guitar) at Canada

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    I love this movie ! Stuart Gordon is an amazing director.

    I love this movie ! Stuart Gordon is an amazing director.

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    Clearing Away Debris

  5. A guitar laced track with solo-glides and distortion throughout over a hip hop style beat.

  6. This is a new track with a dark vibe to it, C-Stock is collaborating and will be laying vocals over this beat soon.

  7. I’ve been trying out a few new plug-ins and techniques, this is the product of messing around for 20 minutes testing ou

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    The Adventures of Ordinary Batman by Sarah Johnson

    It stands to reason that since Batman is kind of just a regular guy, the comics are kind of lax in portraying his more normal adventures. In her spare time, Sarah began doodling some of Bat’s more mundane capers, like fishing, riding a swing tire, and scooping up the poop of an adorbzable kitteh. A motion I propose to the Internets: this is all official canon now. If we all pretend hard enough, they’ll have to make it true, right?

    Artist: tumblr / website

  9. Wow! This piece is awesome, I’m currently working on something similar to this in style. Great work.

  10. My new sounds: